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12:40 a.m. - 2008-04-10
texty texty
today i got a text from cow.
905pm i may be drunk. but i am pretty sure i think you are cute.
me-oh cow :)
cow-thats what she said
me-when are u coming back to town?
cow-next week. u wanna hang out
me-let's get married
cow-should we get married in a church or elope to reno? i can drive
me-ew are we flirting? this is new
cow-is that bad?
me-no, it isn't bad. i like u. u are a good cow
me-i mean boy
cow-i actually had a crush on u last time i saw u.i kinda wanted to kiss u
me-*blushes*i was wearing work clothes, i was not cute. and i thought you liked lindsay
cow-she is with matt. and i dunno, i know i am a cow, but it seemed like u made me laugh alot. i thought u were hella cute and we were flirting
me-i never really thought about it before now... i guess cuz weve been friends for so long
cow- (deleted) something about not thinking i had a crush on him
me-what do u mean u understand? i had a crush on u too, u have just always been involved. u should have kissed me
cow-i tried. thats whay i asked u if u wanted to sk8. but you got in your car. i havent' been involved in awhile.
me-i wonder why i left
cow-u left cuz i wouldn't kiss u in front of daniel
me-you're crazy! u didn't even try
cow-i plan on kissing u next time no matter what my hair looks like
me- yeah u shoud do something with that
cow- what? my hair?
cow-maybe i will. but i will still think about u naked
me(in shock)
cow- i really do have a crush on you
me-lets make babies
cow- tons, as long as they aren't fat
me-half naked picture
cow-u seiously just made me want u more

we'll see


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